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Choose Suitable Forms of Marine Fish Feed Pellets

Geplaatst: wo 31 maart 2021, 06:51
door allenlu
In current years, the improvement of marine fish aquaculture is very speedy with extended aquaculture region by way of years and various aquaculture species, and its manufacturing has accounted for a enormous percentage of international aquaculture. Suitable fish feed varieties difficulty the feed consumption of fish, residual feed, fish boom rate, feed effectivity and as a consequence the monetary advantages of aquaculture.

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Based on structure and character, the marine fish feed can be divided into: minced fillet, powder kind and feed pellets which consists of dry sinking pellets, moist pellets, extruded pellets and gradual sinking pellets.

Now the dangers and dangers of the minced fillet and powder feed have increasingly more attracted people’s attention. Wet feed pellets are made of sparkling or frozen small miscellaneous fish and powdery feed with positive dietary indications via fish feed pellet machine. It can combine the strengths of each small fish and pellet feed for carnivorous fish feeding habits and has proper palatability. Besides, dietary tiers can be adjusted in accordance to the dietary necessities of the fish at distinctive levels of growth, enhancing feed efficiency, decreasing feed expenses and considerably weakening the dependence on small fish, so as to preserve a balanced furnish of fish feed. It is mentioned that in Japanese cage aquaculture, wet fish feed pellets account for 65% of feeding amount.